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About Deviant Artist Morgan O'ConnorFemale/United States Recent Activity
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Frequency Patterns
No school, and I'm home alone
Plain White T's fill the house's emptiness
I look around and you're nowhere to be found
Here's to me hoping you would have a care
But, sweetness, your slip of the mind has just cost you
I have just thought of my plan of action: Warfare.
Growing up in the same generation
Baking mud pies just like anyone else
The want of an explanation now cries at your duplication
My one and a million baby is now a million in one
I'll document your stages
And upon closer examination
I have found you are sorely lacking
The proper frequencies
Papers littering the floor
Half concocted strategies crumbled up
Chewing the tip of a pen, ink fills my mouth
A master plan only lacking a master mind
So I sit alone amidst half finished projects
And wonder what has happened to my peace of mind
Growing up in two very different scenes
A chance that we will never even meet
But in the dark where none can see I shall make you the stuff of dreams
Hiding all your tragic flaws to give you a bet
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Suffocating Life Sustaining Nauseating
Choking defiantly
Pushing futiley
Clawing inefficiently
There is no escape
A murky oppressor makes breathing impossible
Tearing at a silent killer with no agenda
How do you fight an apathetic adversary?
Tragically deluding thinking of breathing
But the deep nothing is spelling out my capitulation
And Succumbing to oblivion is amazingly simple
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Paid in Full
Staring at the floor refusing to see
Your disapproving eyes staring at me
I only want to be perfect for you
But now I see that's a silly dream that'll never come true
Facing the wall, on the brink of insanity
Coffee stainded shirt tail full of self pity
You've got me all wrong
This razor's legit
I got it from my father
Please let me enjoy my self-imposed misery
Facing the wall, on the brink of insanity
Coffee stainded shirt tail full of self pity
Masking my apathy
Paper Mache loyalty
Clicking my heels four times
Just for some insurity
Facing the wall, on the brink of insanity
Coffee stainded shirt tail full of self pity
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You've got me tied down
I can't break out of this game
Strapped to a bed, strapped to a bed (2X)
This straight jacket is cutting off circulation
Strapped to a bed, strapped to a bed (2X)
Shaking my head, I remain in denial
Haven't you heard? Wolves in sheep clothing is outta style.
I have been booked for a crime I didn't commit
This rabbit hole I'm falling through is a tight fit
Your open wound is looking a bit counterfeit
And the trail of blood looks oh so deliberate
My trust is let down
Your lies are your claim to fame
Strapped to a bed, strapped to a bed (2X)
This straight jacket is cutting off circulation
Strapped to a bed, strapped to a bed (2X)
This assylum is filled with hostility
Scaling these padded walls are an impossibility
Your hall moniter badge has lost its shine
And your murder was committed by a master mind
Locked away from all human kind
No matter what they say, I'm not losing my mind
I have been booked for a crime I didn't commit
This rabbit hole I'm falling through i
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Counter Check
A beautiful word is cellar door
A collection of sounds from tongue soar
Suffering not to be mispronounced
Words so simple their beauty does fount
A world of knowledge is there within
Neglected once more time and again
The point of no return is closer than you think
Will you back from the edge or teeter on the brink
Five times a loser
Chloroform in hand
Words begin to slur
Supply and demand
The law of the land twists till you can't comprehend
What that comes out to is me, a fair weather friend
I shall recommend
A dose of hindsight
To better defend
Your own oversight
Liquid whitener made a man invisible
Slaps on the wrist are no longer acceptable
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Mature content
Multi-Hued Fantasm :iconspinningbackwards:SpinningBackwards 0 3
Collagen tinted lips
Cleverly painted eyes
A few words spoken
Hides all the lies
Wind blown hair
A strapless dress
French painted nails
No signs of duress
Twist of the lips
Bat of the eyes
Short skirts, high heels
Hides panic filled eyes
Purest realizations
Trapped between the glass
It's all a technicality
Sit quietly at mass
A finger to the lips
Salt filled eyes
Tear spiked eyelashes
Balloons filled with sighs
When will it STOP
Your lamenated games
With your next breath
I know the words will be the same
Caught red handed
The silver tear tracks
Are marking their Possession
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Quiet Perfection
Looking straight ahead
Not listening to what you said
I'll do it my own way
Unheeding of the price to pay
You say jump, I'll sit on the ground
Your words are simply a sound
Put a check in the square
I'll laugh while you stare
Tyrant of my own world
Everything's been swirled
We two are not alike
I'm red and you're white
Interchaning faces
We belong in two different places
Sticky to the feel
A single glance cuts like steel
I refuse to obey
Away from your fold I will stray
My innermost feelings you know
On my face my suspicions show
Calmly you'll speak
Rampaging I'll be
Apart we will journey
To where, it's too early
But I will tell you this
I don't care about you one piss
It has been my misfortune to see
A person of your idiocy
I will continue to pray for the day
The day you shall float away.
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Rum Tinted Headaches
A thousand miles of separation
Twelve inches between the two of us
Your eyes are open
Mine are closed
Our lips will touch
But the reason continues to escape
You grasp with two hands, Heart shaped Kisses
I push away continually, Clear coated Misses
Five times a lover
Mirror image twins
Five times a lover
The joke is bittersweet
Lip biting in time to the stares we recieve
You pull, I push
But only half heartedly
Your first offence you cant conceive
The need to explain escaped
The effort you require is not worth the reward
A tinfoil heart on a platter of dust
Remains of a once lukewarm feeling
You grasp with two hands, Heart shaped Kisses
I push away continually, Clear coated Misses
Sun warmed backs
Rum tinted headaches
When all we have left has rusted
A broken promise to remain faithful
Has bee etched in sand and given a name
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The perimeter is marked
The bounds are set
But the question asked
Who will be content?
It must be strange
To think where you couldn't go
While told to go here
Who are letting their emotions show?
A minute has passed
And you still need the key
Before the fire engulfs
(Before the cold consumes)
Who remains to proceed
The basis of your life
All your woes and your strife
Is cutting like a knife
Who cares of your plight?
Staring straight ahead
Not looking up or down
While the sky is raining fire
Who dares to made a sound?
Producing, Consuming, Destroying
Soon the place is lost
Soon never to remember
Who will count the cost?
But the sun is shining
I see your smiling eyes
There is no need to worry
Who needs to question why?
The room is spinning
The ink is running out
The light is ebbing
Who will show me out?
A zillion stars and one you
Looking for impurities, you fall
One chance is left
Who can you call?
Five stutter at a drop
Papers litter your thoughts, our core
I paint in your affections
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Gray Matter
Cloudy Skies and
Even Cloudier Minds.
The desperate attempt to conceal the threat is futile.
Not worthwhile, Not even for a mile
of red ribbon and stars in the night sky.
The hazy barroom smoke
Is your last defense against the inevitable.
Projectiles being thrown at an increasing velocity
Heads toward the spoke of a wheel.
Spinning, Spinning never stopping.
Moving ever closer to a path of
Red ribbons entwining themselves
In a little girl's hair with starry eyes
Who isn't short but vertically challenged
And isn't white but caucasion.
Cloudy Skies and
Even Cloudier Minds.
Going to the bathroom in droves
And remaining meekly in the corner
Til all alone and then murderously closes
The eyes on defeat, on the injustice of it all.
You slit your wrists, hang yourself.
Making a statement of fashion that you think
The world will regret.
Sweetness, the world doesn't regret and
Your death in vain. A place where love
Abounds but hate rules supreme.
Cloudy Skies and
Even Cloudier Minds.
No one knows
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She tries to hide a smile
To sit still and act composed
Her prim skirt and comfortable
Pumps are more suitable
Bor an office secretary
Of an age equal to her
Mothers. She has her
Thick hair pulled back
Into a servicable bun
And thick glasses hide her
Emerald eyes from the
She's an unpolished gem
Of the first degree, the men
Around her don't look
Twice, or rather their
Gazes slide off her as if she were
A mannequin displaying
Nothing interesting. The
Women have sympathy for the
Woman with no sense
Of fashion, the one they know
Could not possible ensnare
A man. And ensnare it
Would be. But they never
Took the time to know this
Girl, the one with the
Brilliant eyes, the one with
The spattering of freckles
Across the bridge of her nose.
Their loss, Their mistake.
But she doesn't care. She
Knows what people think
They know of the girl who's
Name they never took the
Time to learn. She smiles at
Their loss, Their mistake.
She leaves the subway in a
Crush of everyday people,
Just wantin
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Simply Complicated
Have a care for the simple
For soon it shall be gone
Have a care for the complications
For that is your enemies con
The words simply can't explain
The meaning of the lies
The complications that arise
As time inevitably passes by
The simple never lasts
You know this to be true
But the Simply Complicated
Well, that's me through and through
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One Window
One window is all I need
To crawl through time
To discover the world
To climb new heights
To fly through space
To see my time
Once voice is all I need
To speak the truth
To stop oppression
To change your thinking
To propose a meeting
Of two different minds
To utter my confession
One tear is all I need
To open your heart
To clear the eyes
To stop the madness
To bring justice to all
To defy your world of reason
One light is all I need
To fight the darkness
To find the narrow path
To complete the circle
To see the weariness
To make you see the thread
That binds us and
Makes us one
One kiss is all I need
To destroy the hate
To love the unloveable
To rekindle the passion of ages
To melt your heart of stone
To bring you to me
To fulfill my fate
To disrupt the cold waters
To glimmer in the twilight of your love
To close the doors of deception
One chance is all I need
To paint a masterpiece
To stop the ravages of time
To forge new ideas
To chase the stars and
Recognize my dreams
To blow out th
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The stillness of the room
Is almost perverse.
My heart is pounding
Loudly it's a wonder no
One in the reeom is telling
Me to be quiet, hold still.
The blood rushing through
My veins is like a rampant
River flowing through a
Land of such dryness that
Is my mouth. The leaden
Weight of my tongue
Is only surpassed by
The dead weights that are
My feet and arms. Am I
Incapable of moving or
Is it psychological?
Breathe. Thats what I
Seem to have to continually
Tell myself. I don't think
That's normal but I can't
Remember. If time stopped
Would I know it? People are
Moving about this room I can
Not leave but make no sound.
Am I deaf? No. I can still hear
The roaring of my blood beating
In my ears. Perhaps when
Time stops andy sound outside
Yourself becomes non-existant.
But then that would mean time
Had halted. I move my eyes
To look at the girl with the
Smile plastered to her
Face and a chain keeping
Her in place. Her weeping
Eyes mirror my own and
I see everyone's hopes
And dreams dragged do
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I once met a boy
He was wild as can be
With an air of ubsurdity
His hat always cocked to the side
When he glanced at me
I couldn't look away
My mouth wouldn't obey
And then I cried
You're the one for me
Don't ask me how
Just kiss me now
Before she sees
Here comes that boy
I've got my eyes on him
It could be a sin
Technically he's not with me
He has a girlfriend
Does this make me sleazy
The lies come so easy
I see her everyday
This boy has it good
He's with two girls
When will the plan unfurl
I really couldn't say
His girl found out
But it was too late
She just couldn't hate
Her best friend
They're no longer together
None of us speak
In touch we couldn't keep
And the calls we don't send
I said goodby to the boy
And off did he go
To where I don't know
My promiscuous boy
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Bittersweet2 by andaria Bittersweet2 :iconandaria:andaria 726 599
Forget time forget meaning
Definitions borders & nations
No one exist & nothing stands
Just cool laughter & dawning bliss
Dry up your cheeks for a beautiful kiss
On the face of the earth
This is time for the one
who wakes up when we go to sleep
now we are free in this dream with our eyes open
now we are only breathing
now is the time & the time is now
what we feel is feeling
the wind she speaks about silence
fell the earth moving
the eyes are now for hearing
ears are now for seeing
and if this is a dream we are not sleeping
no today
no tomorrow
no happiness
no sorrow
no locks
no keys
no satellite
no TV
just we
being us
being we.
:iconshebo:shebo 2 33
BLOW by hellfirediva BLOW :iconhellfirediva:hellfirediva 332 320
My little love drug,
My addiction,
My baby
Calling to me
Night upon night
"Just one little taste, darling,
and then you'll be alright.
Just one little laugh, dear,
And you'll be happy again."
But I don't really need it,
I'm back on my feet now.
(Well, was)
And I don't need you
To be happy again
(At least that's what I'm telling myself).
Because that one night of rejection
Pushed my thoughts into place
And I realised that I can't
Keep killing myself,
Even for the love of a boy.
So I righted myself
And I tried to move on.
I tried to accept what we are,
Just good friends,
And I started to heal.
But, see, it's not fair,
You don't play be the rules.
You can't push me away
Then tell me you need me.
I can't keep coming back.
I need to move forward,
But I can't quite let go,
When you're holding on to me too.
And I fell again,
To my deadly addiction,
My addiction, my need
For approval.
I said yes
Because I wanted it too,
(Though not anymore)
And I needed to know that you cared.
So I'm back from
:iconhugsnbutterflykisses:hugsnbutterflykisses 2 7



Morgan O'Connor
United States
Current Residence: Paris, TN
Favourite genre of music: indie alternative rock
Favourite photographer: Henri Cartier-Bresson
MP3 player of choice: IPod
Shell of choice: I personally prefer a turtle shell
Favourite cartoon character: Tom and Jerry
Personal Quote: There Are Only So Many Days To Live.
Ms. jones taught me english, but I think I just shot her son
Cause he owed me money, with a bullet in the chest you cannot run
Now hes bleeding in a vacant lot
The one in the summer where we used to smoke pot
I guess I didnt mean it
But man you shoulda seen it
His flesh explode

Slow motion
See me let go
We tend to die young
Slow motion
See me let go
What a brother knows
Slow motion
See me let go

Now the cops will get me
But girl, if you would let me
Ill take your pants off
I gotta a little bit of blow
We could both get off
Later bathing in the afterglow
Two lines of coke Id cut with draino
And her nose starts to bleed
A most beautiful ruby red

Slow motion
See me let go
Well remember these days
Slow motion
See me let go
Urban life decays
Slow motion
See me let go

And at home
My sisters eating paint chips again
Maybe thats why shes insane
I shut the door to her moaning
And I shoot smack in my vains
And wouldnt you
See my neighbors beating his wife
Because he hates his life
Theres an arc to his fist as he swings
Oh man, what a beautiful thing

And death slides close to me
Wont grow old to be
A junkie whine-o creep

Hollywood glamourized my wrath
Im the young urban psyco path
I encite murder for your entertainment
Cause I needed the money
Whats your excuse?
The jokes on you

Slow motion
See me let go (aaahh)
Oh yeah
Slow motion
See me let go (aaahh)
Slow motion
See me let go (aaahh)
  • Listening to: Slow Motion by Third Eye Blind


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